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At this point you have been informed that you have some degree of hearing loss.

Now, you may be wondering:

Why treat hearing loss?

Your hearing health effects your overall health. There are studies that link hearing loss to adverse effects on the overall quality of life.

We want to provide our patients opportunities to lessen any negative side-effects that hearing loss, and that is where hearing aids come in. 


When should I treat my hearing loss?

We recommend treating hearing loss immediately. Waiting too long before getting hearing aids could leave you open to forgetting what it is like to have normal hearing. So, when you treat hearing loss early, you give yourself a better chance at adapting and having an improved overall experience with your hearing aids.


What about cost?

You may also be curious about cost, and we completely understand!  

At Kabel Hearing, we have many options to help make your hearing care journey affordable. Your health is worth the investment.


Refurbished hearing aids for less than $1k


Leasing options that range from $100 - $185 per month

( for premium hearing aids, new every 4 years )

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