Through the years the number one complaint among hearing aid wearers has been background noise. People talking, music playing, traffic, etc all seem to interfere with the wearers ability to hear and understand speech. Fortunately new breakthroughs in technology have greatly improved the hearing aid experience. Hearing aids actually have very sophisticated noise reduction systems in its processors. It can identify unwanted noise and actively reduce its volume while enhancing speech. In some higher tech hearing aids specific noise reduction can be applied to specific environments. It does not eliminate background noise because you need to be aware of the sounds in your environment.

Helping us hear better in noise is a technology called directionality. It employs a two microphone listening system that constantly adjusts to the sounds around us. When someone talks directly to us the hearing aids will focus on that conversation while turning down sounds directly behind and beside us. This process is automatic so you can wear your hearing aids and forget about them.

Background noise can be a real challenge to new hearing aid wearers who have not been hearing everyday noises.  Most long-time hearing aid users will tell you that the sudden ability to hear annoying noises again at first is challenging. In time these sounds will normalize as your brain slowly adapts to them.

New technology has made wearing hearing aids an enjoyable and pleasurable experience. Make an appointment today to try the new Resound Linx Hearing Aids. You can listen to them with a free in office trial. Call our professionals today 888-760-6067.