The dog days of summer are upon us. While we hope you’re enjoying this sunny season, please be sure to consider how the heat can affect your hearing aid

Just as important it is to keep your other electronic devices cool, avoid exposing hearing aids to extreme heat.

Warm or humid air can harm the intricate components within the hearing device's interior and even shorten its life. The exterior case is made of plastic — making it susceptible to melting in hot temperatures. 

Prevent Heat Damage

Protect your listening device from direct sunlight and don’t leave it in your car — not even in the glove compartment. Store it in a cool, dry place away from the blazing sunshine.

Another important piece of advice to consider all year-round is to remove your hearing device when using a hair dryer.

If you own a hearing aid or are planning to, one wise investment would be to purchase a protective case complete with a cleaning kit.

Keep the Device Clean

Since bacteria can grow and spread in the warm air, be sure to clean the hearing device often.

For behind-the-ear aids, debris from dirt and oils will likely build up along the shell. Keeping the listening device dry on the inside will help prevent corrosion, and keeping it clean on the outside will help prevent ear infections.

Use a soft, dry cloth, tissue, or small brush to keep the hearing device working and looking sharp.

Remove Hearing Aid at Night

When you sleep, open the battery door to let dry, fresh air move through the hearing aid. This will help relieve the device of moisture build up that may have occured through out the warm, humid day or from sweat. 

At Kabel Hearing, our ReSound hearing aids are coated inside and out with a space-age nano coating. This makes them highly moisture resistant.

Knowing how to protect your listening device from damage is just as important as knowing how your hearing works and what can go wrong.

At Kabel Hearing, we hope your summer is full of fond memories with loved ones. Please take our advice and protect your hearing aids from hot temperatures. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask or book an appointment at any of our Kabel Hearing clinics.