A day in the life of a hearing-impaired individual can be filled with struggles.

For adults, hearing loss presents fear of not being able to uphold significant relationships, jobs, or being perceived as incompetent. Hearing loss is a condition, affecting all areas of your life and well-being. Evidence shows a clear link to changes in cognitive ability and in some cases, dementia, due to difficulty with hearing.

According to the Harvard Health Publications, being hard of hearing can lead to:

  • Social Isolation
  • Depression
  • Loss of Memory

Affects Your Well-Being

If you can't hear, you may also have a difficult time with verbal comprehension or distinguishing message and meaning, possibly leading to embarrassment or shame. 

Feeling included and having a sense of belonging impacts mental health, but those who are hard of hearing don’t completely belong to the hearing world or the deaf culture. They may be able to pick up some sounds, but not all. And as life goes on, what if the hearing doesn’t improve, but instead worsens?

Live at Full Volume

For those who notice early signs of hearing loss, there is help. Adults with difficulty hearing are significantly more likely than adults with normal hearing to develop dementia or cognitive disabilities. It may be disappointing to admit your hearing is going, but it’s even worse to live your life at half the volume.

If treating your condition could help save your mental health, why wouldn’t you? There is so much in life you or a loved one might be missing.

Hearing aids aren’t meant to make you differ socially from others. They assist you in day-to-day interactions and make communication easier. If you suffer from hearing loss, a hearing aid will improve your ability to pick up sounds and render responses.

How Do Hearing Aids Work?

Hearing aids are not simply amplifiers, but rather, sophisticated hearing devices. These listening devices are custom programmed to your exact hearing loss — making it important to find the right hearing aid for you. A computer chip and sound processor work together to supply your hearing with missing sounds. They can also lower background noise while zooming in on conversations. 

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