The answer is yes, but only if you want to hear poorly!  There are some circumstances when it’s recommended that a patient wear only one hearing aid.  Saving money is not a good reason.   Nature has given us two ears, and naturally, they work best in sync. Moreover, years of research has proven that many people with hearing loss in both ears benefit from binaural fitting.

Here are the Top Five reasons you should consider wearing two:

1. Better Hearing in noise

The ability to hear in background noise occurs in the brain. The brain receives information from both ears, and “filters” out irrelevant information. If you are only wearing one hearing aid, the brain is unable to “filter” out noise effectively.

2. It’s Healthier

Keeping both ears active can potentially future deterioration. Research has shown the unaided ear can suffer from a condition called auditory deprivation.  The auditory nerve of the opposite ear does not get stimulated and can therefore deteriorate. This does not mean that your hearing will get worse in the unaided ear, however the deteriorating nerve can cause distortion of speech.

3. Direction of Sound

Although the normal head is less than 12″ wide, our brain is able to instantly calculate the minute difference between the times sounds arrive at both ears. These small differences provide the brain with signals as to which way to turn our head to the sounds around us. This help you determine the direction traffic is coming or whether you children or grandchildren are playing.

4. Clarity and Comfort

People with hearing loss will often find themselves avoiding certain situation and withdrawing from social events. Hearing loss can cause stress and fatigue from the strain of trying to hear and understand speech. Hearing with both ears helps the brain to hear more clearly and requires less strain therefore resulting in less fatigue.

5. Feeling of Balance

Two eared hearing results in a balanced reception of sound, also known as the stereo effect. whereas single sided hearing creates an unusual feeling of sound being heard in one ear.

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Take Control of Your Health

Smoking, obesity, dementia, diabetes — there’s a long list of health problems that can and do cause hearing loss for some people.

If you or a loved one are worried about hearing health, the best course of action is to get checked out. Your primary care physician can offer guidance for any underlying conditions, but your hearing health is best cared for by a specialist.

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